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Chapter: Historical status

Historical status | 1.1 Makkah, haj and islam

Makkah, haj and islam
Haj the Pilgrimage is the fifth pillar, the fundamental of the faith of islam in Shariah, it is meant to have an intention of a specific worship to visit the Holy Kaba on the prescribed days. The cause of Haj is due to the holy Kaba and the historical background of the holy house of Allah is that the land of the holy Makkah muazzama has been a center for the mankind from the beginning itself.  After the coming of Adam alaihis salaam the holy land of Makkah gained not only the privilege of becoming a first center for the guidance of the mankind but also this land has been selected to be a beginning point of the center for calling for a universal preaching.  Thus the foundation of Deen e hanif laid by Hadrath ibrahim alaihis salaam in the holy land of Kaba had been completed after the birth of the beloved of the mankind and aakhira the last Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. Then in the light of the teachings of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam this holy land has become a cradle of culture and civilization knowledge and piety for the generations people to come. The holy Kaba was first built by angels below of the “Baitul Ma’moor".  Baitul Ma’moor a Qibla and Kaba for the angels is just below the Arsh.