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Chapter: Manners of ehram

Manners of ehram | 2. Sunnah and the manners to be followed prior to wearing

Sunnah and the manners to be followed prior to wearing
(1) Cut the nails (2) Remove the hair from the armpit and from below the navel and also the hair from the groin (3) Use Miswak (4) Perform Wudhu (5) Take bath by rubbing the body properly (6) As per sunnah, apply scent on the body and on the two Ihram coverlets. It has been reported in Bukhari and Muslim Sharif by ummul mo’mineen  Syeda Ayesha siddiqua radiallahu anha saying that, “I apply scent containing Musk on the Ihram of Rasoolullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam before wearing and again before Tawaaf for removing the Ihram.  I still feel as if I see the brightness in the parting of the sacred hair of the holy Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam in Ihram.(Sahih Muslim, al-hadith: 1189, pages 607).
However don’t apply (for example the dry Anbar) any scent whose stains get stuck to the cloths.
(7) Gents have to remove the stitched cloths they worn and instead wear the unstitched white new or washed clean blanket like cloth to put up on the body and another one piece tied to the waist like an apron. (Bahar-e-shariyat, Volume-1, part-6, pages: 1071, 1072).
For the waist apron select the thick threaded material so that the color of skin may not be visible. Also get a big piece of blanket like cloth for conveniently covering the body.
(8) To keep your passport, money etc., get a belt with a pocket which could be worn around the waist though it is stitched.