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Chapter: Laws of ehram

Laws of ehram | 04. Useful precautions in ehram

Useful precautions in ehram  

(1)  The Muhrim (person in ihram) needs to be careful while adjusting his upper coverlet of ihram,  not to fall on his face or on the face of other Muhrim.


(2)  Many a Muhrim wear the lower coverlet of ihram on the waist below the navel.  Hence, the upper coverlet gets slipped without any precaution thus resulting in the exposure of belly and the part below their navel before others.  It seems that they do not care about this but move around without taking any precaution.  Sometimes their thighs too are exposed before others.  Hence, it should be remembered that the part from below the navel to below the knees arethe anatomical details to be concealed and disclosing even a small part of these before others is haraam.  Anyone looking at those parts also haraam for him.


Note:The issues of concealing these private anatomies are not specific with ihram.  Apart from ihram these concealed parts are not to be shown, nor to be seen of others.


In order to be safe from these mistakes and short falls at the time of wearing ihram, read the section of ihram.