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Chapter: Laws of ehram

Laws of ehram | 06. Details of kaffarah, atonement (penalty) with regard to ehram

Details of Kaffarah, Atonement (Penalty) with regard to ehram


Kaffara means Budnah, Dam and Sadaqah( صدقہ  اوردم بدنہ، )

Budnah means slaughtering a cow or a camel and give it in charity.

Dam means blood. The penalty paid if any crime or error occurs while performing the rituals of Hajj is called Dam, where a goat or lamb or sheep or a camel etc. is given in for slaughter,  and the 7th part of the cow that is slaughtered, for presenting in the court of Allah Subhanahwata’la.


Sadaqah means wheat or grains given to a beggar.  This Sadaqa same like “SadaqahFitr” half sa’a  (one and three fourth Sayr) of wheat or its value, sometimes, lesser than this.  Keep it in mind that the slaughter of Kaffarah or penalty could not be possible anywhere other than haram and such meat could not be consumed by the one who compensates, but the slaughtered meat on account of Kaffarah is the right of the poor.


An Advice:The Kaffarah is meant for getting cleaned spiritually, if any crime is committed unknowingly or in the sleep, or due to any compulsion.  It is not meant to commit any crime knowingly, without any compulsion, assuming that the penalty would be paid, when such things occur.  But the deliberate commitment of crimes is like opposing the commandments of Allah.   May the Most Forgiving  AllahSubhanabestow us with the obedience and take us for the ziyarah (visit) of Madinah . Ameen!