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Chapter: Laws of ehram

Laws of ehram | 07. Sexual desire and ehram

Sexual Desire and ihram

 (1)       In ihram it is permissible to touch the wife without any sexual desire.  But with such a desire it is haraam to mingle the hands or to touch her body.  With the sexual desire if someone kisses or touches the body of his wife, then penalty of Dam (blood) is obligatory (Wajib) for him.  (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1172).


(2)       If the Muhrima (the ihram wearing woman) gets aroused and feels pleasure due to these acts of the man, then penalty applies to her too. (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1173).


(3)       May Allah the Glorified forbid, if any male touches another male with a sexual urge, for him too the same Kaffarah applies, i.e. Dam becomes obligatory (Wajib).  If both the men get aroused and the another guy involved is also a Muhrim, then for him too Dam becomes obligatory (Wajib).


(4)       If the memories of any lady occupies the mind or if anyone happened to have a glance of her private part and then ejaculation occurred, in such case, there is no Kaffarah.  (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1173)  However, thinking about a stranger lady or having a glance of her is anyhow makes a sin in ihram or even otherwise.  Moreover, in ihram, caution should be taken by wife and husband also.


(5)       Shaking hands or embracing a handsome boy or a man makes the sexual desire to overtake the senses, then Dam becomes obligatory (Wajib).  Hence to keep away from such handsome guys is imperative.  If shaking hands, embracing, touching or talking with him makes the sexual desires aroused, then it is not permissible to shake hands, embrace, touch or talk with persons.


(6)       Intercourse or making a physical contact with wife or other woman nullify the ihram of a Haji.  That is to say that the Hajj pilgrimage is broken.  Next year, compensation for this has to be made.  However in spite of the intercourse, all conditions of ihram will remain same.  Whatever is forbidden and prohibited for the ones with ihram, they would remain same for the Muhrim who committed intercourse and all commands of Muhrim would also applicable to him.  (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1175).


(7)       Mutamatta (the ones who remove the ihram after the first Umrah, and wear it again for Hajj) have removed the ihram and since there are several days to go for the rituals of Hajj getting started, they could remain secluded with wife till they wear ihram again.


(8)       After wearing the ihram for Umrah, if anyone involves in to the  intercoursebefore completing four rounds of circumambulation (Tawaf), then their Umrah is nullified.   Umrah has to be performed again, and Dam becomes applicable.  If four rounds of the circumambulation or full Tawaf is completed before the intercourse, then only Dam is obligatory and the Umrah is taken as completely performed. (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1174).