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Chapter: Laws of ehram

Laws of ehram | 13. Answer for the question on the health condition with the help of Allah

Answer for the question on the Health Condition with                   the help of Wahab

WaAlaikum As-salaam waRahmatullaahiwabarkaatuhu!

May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon you.

AlhamdulillaahwassalaathuwassalaamalaRasoolulllaah, ‘ammaba’d !

All praise to Allah, prayers and peace be upon the holy Prophet sallallahualaihiwasallam.  After this! :

The one who had a wet dream, it is obligatory (wajib) on him to take bath.  Without taking bath, it is not correct to pray, circumambulate (do Tawaf)  or recite Al-Qur’an.  Hence in any case he has to take bath though he is a Muhrim, if a few hair fall down while taking bath, there is no issue, because deliberately shaving the hair or cutting the hair or plucking the hair etc. is prohibited.

Due to the wet dream taking bath is obligatory (wajib).  Cleaning the head, picking in the hair is obligatory, but avoid rubbing roughly on the hair, instead pour the water on the head, running the fingers across the hair in order to make the water reach the skin of the head because the effect of impurity rests at the root of each hair.  Removing ihram or the removing the lower part of the coverlet of ihram for necessity is not in the prohibited thing in ihram.

For answering the call of nature, removing the lower coverlet of ihram is permissible. It is also permissible to change or wash any of the coverlets of ihram, if they become dirty.  It has been evident from the hadith that the holy Prophet Sallallaahuta’laalaihiwasallam and SahabakiraamRaziallaahuanhum used to take bath while in ihram.

This is from me and Allah knows the best.

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