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Chapter: Talbiyah

Talbiyah | 5. An important guideline with regard to the Intention

An important guideline with regard to the Intention
Be aware! The inclination of the heart is called Intention (niyyah) Let it be Prayers, Fasting, ehram or anything else if there is no intention within the heart but saying the words of intention verbally does not fulfill the condition for intention. Keep this also in mind that it is not necessary to say the words of intention in Arabic language. This could be said in your mother tongue too, moreover, it is not necessary to verbally say the words, but intention with inclination too within the heart is enough. But yes, saying verbally is the best, and also saying this in Arabic is more better because it is the sweetest language of our beloved Sultan, the Makki, the Madani, the Mercy for the mankind and all other creations, sallallahu ta’la  alaihi wa aalihi wasallam. While pronouncing the intention in Arabic Language, remember the meaning of what you say.