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Chapter: Before boundary of haram

Before boundary of haram | 2. Riwayah on how haram boundry was established

Riwayah on how haram boundry was established
The holy Makkah and the surrounding areas where hunting is prohibited have been called Holy Haram.  When Hadrat Ibrahim alaihis salaam fixed the Hajr Aswad (the Black stone) in a corner of the ka’bah, it was very shiny and bright. The distances the light of this stone covered were declared areas of Holy Haram.  Within these limits, except of the directions of Jeddah and Ja’raana, towers were established because there are no towers this side.  These identifications of Haram were first established  by Hadrat Ibrahim alaihis salaam, next by Hadrat Ismail alaihis salaam, then next by Adnan Ibn Ousi, next to him by the Quraish, then during year of the conquer of Makkah by the holy prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, then by Hadrat Umer, then by Hadrat Uthman, then Hadrat Ameer Maa’viyah radhiAllahu anhum ajma’een.  And up till now the identification established by Hadrat Maa’viyah have been intact.  These boundaries are not of equal distance.  The nearest boundary limit is called Tan’een, from where the Ihram for Umrah is being worn.  The mosque of Ayesha is also situated here. (Mar ‘aat al-Manajeeh, Volume 4, Page 225)