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Chapter: The holy kaba

The holy kaba | 04. Door of kaba

The door of the holy kaba
There had been only one door of the holy kaba at this time. Syedna Abdullah bin zubair, the companion of the holy prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam made two doors for the holy Ka’bah during his tenure as per the old tradition. But Abdul Malik bin marwan, during the reconstruction of the Kaba, had kept only one door at the eastern side. After a period of four hundred years, the kingdom of saudi arabia repaired the door and made it a golden door before they fix it. This door was made under the supervision of pakistani artisans. A pakistani artisan Athar Husain by name, who took part in building the door taking no wages, disclosed this information. Malik Athar Husain moreover said that the stairs inside the Kabah, and the second door which is used to enter into the Kaba were made out of 265 mann gold.  The stairs too are made of gold, whereas on the multazam golden carving work has been done. The carving of the door has been done by both, the machine and the hand.  Malik Athar Hussain says that under his supervision artisans from several countries took part. When the door was completed and was about tofix,apart from saudi arabia, the heads and ambassadors of 12 nations were present. (Reference : history of the construction of kaba, Page 8 to 11,byMufti faiz ahmed owaisi rahmatullah alaih).

It should be remembered that during the period of ignorance the people of the tribe quraish have built their houses around the holy mosque of haram. This colony was called  “Shi’b”. from the courtyard of every house a pathway goes up to the mosque of holy haram for every tribe. The four walls were not the start of the holy mosque haram. The pathways leading from the homes of the tribes were called “abwaab” or doors. walking through these paths only one could go to the mosque haram.There were different names for these doors.example, door banu Shaibah, door Hashim, door banu Saham,  door banu saham, door Hazora and door banu Makhzoom and nowadays this is called door Safa because this door is near Safa.  (At-tahreer wat tanveer, Book 15, Page 13).
It should be remembered that there were 25 doors in total around the mosque of haram, earlier Eight doors in the northern side, five doors in the east, seven door in the south and five doors in the west. In these twenty-five doors, six were of small size but the other nineteen doors were having several folds like two, threeand five doors each out of which we give below a few famous names:

Eastern Doors
Door As-salam
This door is also called door Bani Shaibah. This is just in front of maqam Ibrahim (place of Ibrahim). The respected hujjaj enter through this door only for performing tawaf qudoom (initial circumambulation).
Door An-Nabi
The holy prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam were entering regularly through this door only, from his holy home. Hence, it is called Door-An-Nabi.
Door Ali
This door is also called Door Bani Hashim and Door Bat-ha.

Southern Doors
Door As-safa
The old name of door As-safa was door Al-makhzoom. since it is near the mount safa, it is also called door Al-safa (At-tahreer wat tanveer, Book 15, Page 13)
Door Mujahidiya
It is called so due to the fact that there was a Madrasa of a ruler of Yemen by name Mujahid near to this door. This is the same door which has now been famous by the name door Rahma.

Western Doors
Door Al-umrah
Door Al-umrah is also called door banu saham. This door is called door Al-umrah because the people coming from Tan’eem enter the holy haram and get back from this door.

Northern Doors
Door Al-siddah
Siddah means getting closed. This door used to remain closed and opened thereafter. This door is also called door "Ateeq".