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Chapter: The holy kaba

The holy kaba | 06. Second construction

Second construction
The holy prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “when Allah the glorious made Adam descend on the earth, He said: ‘I am descending one house along with you Tawaf would be performed around this as the Tawaf of my Arsh has been done and also the prayers would be perform near this house. During the flood period of Nooh alaihis salaam this house of taken up. The prophets alaihimus salaam were performing Haj regularly but they were unaware of this place. Then Allah made this site visible to Syeduna Ibrahim alaihis salaam and he constructed the Kaba again with stones from five mountains:  Those mountains were: (1) Jabal Hira (2) Jabal Thabeer (3) Jabal Labnan (4) Jabal Al-Tiar and (5) jabal Al-Khair. Hence, take as much advantage as possible from this. (At-targheeb wat tarheeb, hadith: 1709, Page 2 & 75)