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Chapter: The holy kaba

The holy kaba | 12. Specialty of brightness

The brightness of hajr aswad and its specialty
Hadrat Abdullah Bin Umar narrates that he heard the prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam saying: “The Hajr Aswad and the Maqam Ibrahim (place of Ibrahim) are the Yaqooth (Rubies) from the Yaqooths of the Paradise, whose radiance and light have been suppressed by Allah.  Had their lights not been suppressed these would have brightened the places between east and west. (Tirmizi).
Remember that the idolaters from Qaramatah took this Hajr Aswad, after committing extreme killings and devastation to such a level that the Holy Haram and the well of Zam Zam were full of dead bodies.  The idolaters of Qaramatah told the Hajr Aswad that you are the source of polytheism, except God, up till when would you be there.  After that for 25 years the Hajr Aswad was with them.  People from Makkah paid much ransom and asked the Hajr Aswad back.  They said, that stone was mixed with other stones, come personally and find it out.  The respected scholars of Makkah (Ulema Ikram) said the stone which does not get affected by the fire is the Hajr Aswad, because the things from Paradise won’t get affected by fire.  Hence, all the other stones became hot and red while the Hajr Aswad neither burnt nor became hot.  From this identification,the people of Makkah brought it back. While taking this Hajr Aswad after plunder, several hundred camels died due to its heavy load.  But when the people of Makkah got it back, a weak and thin camel brought this Hajr Aswad (Black stone) back to Makkah very easily.  Hence the Hajr Aswad is a wonderful and a blessed stone (Marqaat al-Mafateeh).