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Chapter: Zam Zam Water

Zam Zam Water | 2. The chemical analysis of the zam zam

The chemical analysis of the zam zam
Prominent doctors and medical experts are of the view that the use of zam zam water causes an excellent effect on the intestines, lungs, mind and other organs. Apart from this, it has been proved useful in asthma, diarrhea, diabetes and regulation of heart beats.
Scientists have done a chemical analysis of zam zam water and found the minerals which we present below :
Calcium carbonate
The zam zam water contains major part of calcium carbonate, which is useful in the digestion process, while breaking the kidney stones, relieving pains of the joints, gives strength to the bones, regulates the functions of the organs. Drinking full of zam zam water while work, it repels the tiredness.
Hydrogen sulfide
This mineral has numerous advantageous within. It helps digest the food, accelerate the memory power, cures the skin diseases, and kills the cholera bacteria immediately on its use.
The scientists have proved that in the water of zam zam the cholera bacteria could be alive just for a few minutes and then die. Mostly Muslims use this water on having cholera along with the normal water to get a quick relief.
Magnesium sulfate
It helps to reduce the belly fat. For those who suffer from obesity and for those who find it difficult to sit and get up, this works for them as a best tonic.
Potassium nitrate
Potassium Nitrate is abundantly available in zam zam. People affected by asthma and having difficulty in breathing could take advantage from this.  This mineral regulates and stabilizes the heart beats moreover it repels tiredness of the body.
Sodium sulfate
It is also called gulbarsy salt. This is effective for the control of diabetes; moreover, it is also good for joints pain.
Sodium chloride
It is very much useful for the ailments of intestines and better targeted to stomach problems. Hence, in this way, the water of zam zam not only from the Islamic point of view but also is very much useful from the doctors’ opinions.
(Bange dara, May, June 1993, Dhu Al-Qa’dah - Dhu Al-Hijja 1413, page: 35)
When the Professor Ghulam Rasul Quraishi carried out experiment and research about the water zam zam in his own laboratory, as per his findings, apart from several minerals in zam zam, he found, iron, manganese, zinc, and plenty of sulfur and oxidative sulfate and sodium were also available. Due to the availability of these things, the water zam zam helps cure anemia, sharpen the mind and prove to be the best for digestion. zam zam has less than half of the maximum level of oxygen in the water suggested by the world health organization to maintain the health standards.
It is the observation of the doctors and scientists that those patient of diabetes who went for Hajj and drank zam zam water, the sugar level in their blood and urine became normal. As long as they live there, they did not need insulin injection and other medications for diabetes. By drinking zam zam, the acidity of the stomach is diluted, resulting in normal hunger. Continuous use of zam zam, increases the memory power. There is no doubt on the advantages and benefits of the water Zam Zam. Whosoever drinks it with any purpose, he attains his wish. zam zam acts to be kohl (surma) for the eyes because it contains zinc, manganese and sulfur.
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