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Chapter: Canal

Canal | 2. The reason for the construction of a canal

The reason for the construction of a canal
Zubaidah khatun Rahmatullah Alaihaonce came to Makkah for performing Hajj. There was a shortage of water those days because of which the hujjaaj were subjected to much difficulties. She was very much disturbed and worried to see the water shortage and the peril of the Hujjaj. Hence, on her account she ordered a canal to be constructed, which proved to be an excellent example of a good work, which would be remembered till the last day of the world. To plan the digging of the canal, several experienced engineers were called from different places. as per their plan at the distance of 35 kilo meters from the north-east border a program was chalked out to lay the canal from a place called valley hunain. on this grand plan seventeen lakh eednar were spent. when the plan was about to start, the engineer in charge of the canal came to her and said that a considerable expenses would incur  because in order to complete this project, big mountains were to be cut across facing the declivities and acclivities to pave way for the canal employing thousands of workmen day and night.  Then only it could be possible to complete the project. on hearing this Zubaidah khatun  said to the engineer: “start this project though one Deenar is required for each blow of the hammer..” On completion of this project, the Managers and supervisors submitted details of expenses to her. That time she was in her palace near the sea Dajla. The queen took all the papers and without opening them, she threw them into the sea, saying: “Oh my Allah! I don’t want to account anything in this world, You too don’t take my account on the day of Qiyamah.”
In the Arabian world, the “canal zubaidah” has also been called and identified by the name “Durbe  zubaidah”.