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Chapter: Canal

Canal | 5. Important explanation

Important explanation
sheikh Muhammad tahir al-kurdi writes about the canal zubaidah: The Canal Zubaidah is called so for two canals or for two lakes. one is for the “ain e Noman which is situated at the right side of the ground of Arafah. There is a distance of one kilometer in between these two. A few people call this by the name “Ain e  Arafah” because it is closer to the ground of Arafah from one side. Ain  eNoman starts from the back of the jabal kura situated at the end of the valley noman.
Ain Hunain is also called ain zubaidah. This is situated at the left side of the ground of Arafah from taif, as if at the upper side of “Al-shara’e” at  a distance of approximately 1 kilometer. The history books have mentioned that it was zubaidah, who constructed a canal to bring the water of Ain hunain and Ain Noman to makkah mukarramah. This incident was of hijri 174 and again in the year 211 hijri, Mamoon ar-rashed made more and more facilities to supply water to the people of makkah.