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Chapter: Canal

Canal | 7. The aftermath incidents

The aftermath incidents
It is correct that Zubaidah khatun rahmatullah alaiha had constructed the canal in the best method and it is also correct that the muslim sultans, ameers and kings who became custodians of makkah mukarramah after this did maintain and repair the canal carefully. If any part of the canal gets damaged, that was repaired immediately. The sultans also laid access roads to this canal and also arrangement were made for conservation of rain water. on one hand the residents of makkah mukarramah were benefitting through the canal zubaidah, and pilgrims from the holy signs of mina and arafah on the other. as everybody aware of, the haj has been a congregation par excellence, at the time of haj this canal zubaidah catered to everyone’s need. now it is heard that the present rulers also thinking of renovating this canal again.