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Chapter: Manners of sacrifice at haj

Manners of sacrifice at haj | 1. Sacrifice at haj

Sacrifice at haj
On arrival at meeqath – on wearing ihram – after nafil prayers – after making niyyah – after saying labbaik – on reaching Ka’bah in haram – stepping in the mataf – on completing seven rounds of circumambulation (Tawaf) – on coming over to the maqaam e Ibrahim – after performing the prayers for circumambulation (Tawaf) – after reciting supplications at maqam (place of) Ibrahim Alaihis salaam – after reciting supplications at the place of multazim -  after drinking zam zam water – after performing circumambulation (Tawaf) – those who perform hajj or umrah, doing halaq or getting their hair cut – after the completion of circumambulation on arrival (Tawaf  eQudoom) – on completion of sa’ee – after returning from mina and arafah – after the stay at muzdalafah – after performing rami on 10th  dhu-al-hijja.
now all of the persons of Hajj Tamatto, Qiraan and Ifraad get their heads shaved or cut the hair short.