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Chapter: Manners of sacrifice at haj

Manners of sacrifice at haj | 5. Token for sacrifice

Nowadays, at the holy hijaz an organization has been established which encourages all the respected hujjaj to pay to the Islamic development bank an amount against a token that is required for the job of  sacrifice assigned to them on behalf of the haji.  dear hujjaj! There is a risk in assigning the sacrifice to this organization because of the fear of change in the sequence of events. the obligatory (wajib) sequence for mutamattea and qaarin is that to perform rami first, then sacrifice of animals and then halaqa (shaving the head).  If any changes are done in this sequence, then a dam (penalty) would become applicable.  though you paid to them on their assigning a time of sacrifice, it would be hard for you to verify the correct time of the sacrifice given on your behalf.  If you happen to shave your head (halaq) before the sacrifice being given on your behalf, then a dam (penalty) becomes obligatory (wajib) on your part.

The hajis who had assigned this organization to give sacrifice on their behalf are given an option to assign one representative for every 30 persons.  He is issued with a “special pass” to verify and see all the sacrifices being given for them.  Here too there is one more risk exists. how could it be possible for the organization purchasing animals in lakhs without any defects?

Anyway, it is better to sacrifice your animal by yourself. Possibly, this only seems to be a better option.