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Chapter: Manners at mina and arafah

Manners at mina and arafah | 02. Now get ready to start for mina

Now get ready to start for mina
Today is the morning of the 8th day of Dhu al-hijja.  There are hectic activities everywhere.  Everyone is in the same tune saying ‘let us go to Mina’ (from the evening of the 7th day, you could be made to wait for the bus facilities offered by the Muallim.  Don’t come under their influence nor confront anyone, but take rest in the night to go to Mina early morning to keep you afresh).
Get ready yourself!  collect your essential things such as  chanting beads (Tasbeeh), musalla (prayer mat), compass (to show the direction of qibla), a few utensils, a water bottle with a strap for hanging on the neck, the address of the muallim, this has to be with you every time, in  order to find the way, in case of you getting  lost somewhere.  Don’t forget to take money for your food expenses, for sacrifice (qurbaani) etc.  If possible, complete the journey to mina, arafat and muzdalifa by walk.  This is because till you return to Makkah your every step would earn for you seven crore  (70 million) virtues.   وَاللّٰہُ ذُوالْفَضْلِ الْعَظِیْم

Allah is the giver of bounties!  throughout the way, recite abundantly labbaik, remembrance (dhikr) and salutations and blessings (duduroo Sharif).  Once you could glance at the holy mina, recite salutations and blessings and recite this supplication .
(Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1119, Fatawa Radhviyah Mukharraja, Volume 10, Page 746)
اَللّٰھُمَّ ھَذَا مِنًی فَامْنُنْ عَلَیَّ بِمَا مَنَنْتَ بِہ عَلٰی اَوْلِیَآءِکَ

“Oh Allah!  The glorious!  Show kindness on me as you showed on your Auliya (friends).” 
Ah! behold!  now you have entered the beautiful  valleys of mina, What a charming scene,  what a land, the mountain range, and the visible landscape of tents wherever you turn.  You too stay at the allotted tent for you by your muallim.  You will have to complete the prayers from today’s Zuhar till tomorrow 9th Dhu al-hijja’s fajr in the holy mina itself, because our beloved Prophet sallallaahu ta’la alaihi wasallam had prayed like this.