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Chapter: Manners at mina and arafah

Manners at mina and arafah | 03. A great deal of precaution is needed

A  great deal  of precaution is needed
One single tent is allotted for forty hujjaj in mina.  In Arafat still bigger tents would be there.  Alas !  in both of these holy places, men and women are kept together.  There is no facility of privacy or a screen for women, nor the men hujjaj sense about this necessity anymore.  The honorable jealous and modest hujjaj are required to take a few screens with them in order at least to screen the ladies of their own family from mixing, by creating a temporary room within the tents.  Today is a very important day.  If some gullible people engage themselves in loose talk, don’t pay attention to them, but engross yourself in your prayers.  The night going to overlap today, is the night of arafah.  If possible, spend this night in prayers because days to sleep are aplenty, but opportunities like this are seldom available.  If possible, recite the supplications given below at the “night of arafah” a thousand time, and if that is not possible, then recite as much as possible, to the least otherwise, recite only once.