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Chapter: Manners at mina and arafah

Manners at mina and arafah | 06. Now proceed to the holy arafah

Now Proceed to the Holy Arafah
Today is the 9th of Dhu-al-hijja.  Perform the Fajr Prayers at the recommended time and engage in Remembrance (Dhikr) and Supplications till such time  that the sun shines on the mount Sabeer situated opposite to the holy  Masjid Khaif.  Now with the hearts beating, abundantly reciting Labbaik, Remembrance (Dhikr) and Salutations and Blessings (Darood Sharif), proceed toward the holy Arafah (Bahar-e-Shariyat, Volume 1, Part 6, Page 1120).  Moreover, after coming out of Mina, recite this supplication.