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Chapter: Historical status

Historical status | Amir test

Commands And Manners of Circumambulation (Tawaf)
On Arrival at Meeqath – On wearing ihram – After Nafil prayers – After making Niyyah – After saying Labbaik – on reaching Ka’bah in Haram

Ulama (Scholars) say:   Enter Makkah Muzzama in the day time, because  the first sight of Ka’bah the Muazzam  may turned to be appalling and awe-inspiring with glory,  supplicate wholeheartedly, in fact the supplications asked at the first sight gets accepted abundantly.  The brilliance of Ka’bah  clearly manifest during the day time.  It is better to enter at the time of chashth (immediately after the sun rise). (ashiya tul lam'aat)

The Sight of the Ka’bah of Haram
The mosque Al-Haraam  is a round and expansive premises.  The edges have  vast and lengthy Arcades with exit-entry doors.  At the centre of this mosque the Mataf (where circumambulation is performed) is present in the shape of a round circle.  The floor of the Mataf is spread with granite. The Ka’batullah sharif is situated at the centre.  At the time of the Prophet sallalla ahu alaihi wasallam  Mosque Al-Haraam was of this size only.  Ka’bah Muazzama has  four corners  called Rukn.