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Chapter: Learn haj & umrah

Learn haj & umrah | Importance of learning haj and umrah

Importance of learning haj and umrah
Performance of Hajj and Umrah is an important part of Islam.  While the Hajj is an obligatory pilgrimage once in the life-time of the affordable Muslims, performing Umrah and Nafil  (optional) Hajj is considered to be fortunate for them.  But it is a harsh reality that at the present time a few of them have made this journey of the holy pilgrimage to be so difficult and tedious due to which the pilgrims seldom attain the spiritual pleasure. Instead a few go to the extent of regarding the Nafil performances to be obligatory and imperative acts,  while others fail to keep up the obligatory and wajib acts appropriately.

On 10 Hijrah, the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) performed Hajj, which is known as Hajjatul wida’a.  At that time during the stay at Mina, the holy Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam had said :
خُذُوْا عَنّیِ مَنَاسِکَکمْ
that is to say, “learn the rituals of Hajj from me”.  (narration Al-Bayhaqi fil Sunan Alkubra, volume 2, page 125).

From the above, it becomes evident that it is very important to learn the rituals prior to undertaking the pilgrimage for Hajj.
For the performance of Hajj and Umrah not only a journey of thousands of kilo meters away to the land of Hijaz is undertaken, but also making several preparations for this long journey is necessary.   To make the performance of the obligatory Hajj positive and complete, it is imperative that all the required rituals are properly learnt and practiced, because the Hajj could be performed to be well accepted and recognized, being free from errors, omissions and negligence.
Consider the daily prayers and the prayers performed at the Haram sharif, that is what steps have you taken to perform the prayers properly at the holy Haram Sharif.  Learn the commands to perform Ruku and sujood (bowing down and prostration)  and  make the pronunciation of the verses recited during the prayers to be perfect. The purpose is to better perform the salah and sujood at the holy Haram Sharif.  Only the fortunate ones get such type of salah with perfect sujood  (prostrations).
The sujood (prostrations) performed at the holy Haram  sharif of Masjid-e-Nabwi, as if the prostration done for Allah subhanahuta’la   in the presence of the holy Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, the spiritual pleasure would be different.  Hence, for performing this type of grand and glorious sajdah (prostration) a method has to be learnt properly.
The virtue of a single prayer in the holy Haram Sharif of Ka’bah is granted to be equal to one lakh times and for the single prayer  at the holy Haram Sharif of Masjid-e-Nabwi, at Madinah is granted  to be equal to fifty thousand times.  Hence, for such a glorious worship, it is very important to learn a perfect way of doing sajdah (prostration).
Hence, it is extremely important to be prepared to emerge successful in this test and to perform this glorious worship, training has to be undergone with full responsibility, care, seriousness and enthusiasm.
Those who are of the view that it is not necessary to learn the rituals of Hajj and that those rituals would become familiar automatically on seeing others doing such rituals, or of the opinion that the Muallam (sponsor) would help perform the Hajj or still someone think of their friends and relatives staying there would help them perform the Hajj, then be it known to you that this wishful thinking is not going to be correct and helpful because none would help to perform your Hajj, instead everyone has to perform his/her own Hajj for sure.