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Chapter: Holy places now inside kaba

Holy places now inside kaba | 9. The house of hazrat syedna abu sufyan

The house of hazrat syedna abu sufyan 
Hadith: This house is towards the mount marwah at the extreme end. On the day of conquest of the holy makkah,in order to honor hazrat syedna abu sufyan the prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “ مَنْ دَخَلَ دَارَ أَبِي سُفْيَانَ فَهُوَ آمِنٌ “ That is to say that whoever enters the house of abu sufyan, he gets peace.
In the year 1266 Hijri Mohammad Sharif Pasha had constructed a hospital over there. In the year 1286 the respected mother of Sultan Abdul Majeed Khan had expanded it further. In the year 1364, it was made an office of the ministry of health. Then in the year 1385 the Saudi government demolished the hospital and had constructed a public library.  This time, even there is no library over there, but it has been turned in to a market place.